"I would higly recommend Child Supporters to anyone who is owed florida child support. Thank you Child Supporters for having the guts to go after my ex husband to get my children the money they were owed for over 5 years!".



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Did you know that, depending on your state, you are entitled to interest on your child support? Find out now what you might be entitled to receive.

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Information is one of the most powerful things to have in any child support situtation. Make sure you have the upper hand by visiting our child support resource center. You'll find detailed information on laws nationwide to assist with your specific child support questions.
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We Collect Child Support

The reason you are here is because your children are not receiving the child support that they deserve. You went through all the steps. You probably worked with your florida child support agency, you made phone calls, you sent letters, you even went to court and got a judge to sign a court order.

Despite all of your efforts you are still not able to collect the child support that your children are owed.  There is an answer.

Florida Child Support Enforcement

Child Supporters is a private Florida child support enforcement agency.  We work directly for you to collect any child support or alimony that you are owed.  You are not the only one that cannot collect their child support payments.

Did you know that in the United States alone, over 100 BILLION dollars is owed to custodial parents.?  In fact, only about 7% of the total unpaid child support is actually collected. That means that there are millions of single parents out there who are left to struggle - on their own  - without any help from the parent who was ordered to pay child support.

How We Collect Child Support

We have a team of investigators who make it our only business to find the parent who has not paid Florida child support. Our professional staff reviews each and every case and if we need to hire an attorney in your state, we will get it done. We use every legal method of collection to get you your money.

Child Support Payments

At Child Supporters, you will not have any upfront fees no matter what we spend to collect the money your children are owed. Our philosophy has always been, We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do. There are no intake fees or up charges for the services of investigators or attorneys. 

Apply Online

So, now you are asking yourself, how do I get started? Its simple, we have a short list of questions to make sure you qualify.  Once you qualify, you will need to fill out an application with all the information about your case. We need all of this information to get started. Even if you don't have all the information, the Child Supporters staff will do our best to help you get the process going.

We know that raising children is expensive, especially when you are not getting your child support money. You owe it to your children to pick up the phone and call us on our toll free number, 1-866-529-6265. Within a few days we will get the ball rolling and you and your children will be one step closer to receiving the money you need.

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You may be able to collect interest on the Florida child support payments owed to you!
Child Support Resource Center
Information is one of the most powerful things to have in any child support situtation.
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Get the latest scoop on collecting unpaid Florida child support.